More AI, less HiFi. This is Spotify's next venture into artificial intelligence

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Spotify appears to be doubling down AI-powered features with plans to bring AI-generated playlists to the app.

A chatbot feature was spotted by @robdad_, a user on TikTok, who posted a video showing them trying out the new feature and commented: “I just randomly discovered Spotify’s ChatGPT?” Spotify then confirmed to TechCrunch that a new AI playlist feature, plans for which were first spotted in October, is currently being tested, although it didn’t give any indication as to when it might be launched.

In the video, a description of the feature, which is only available in English, reads ‘Turn your ideas into playlists using AI’. It can be found on the ‘Your Library’ page by selecting the plus (+) button, and from there, the pop-up will show an ‘AI Playlist' option alongside Spotify’s current ‘Playlist’ and ‘Blend’ features. 


♬ Heavy Metal Lover overlapped - jinxknsaudios

Once you have selected the AI Playlist feature you’ll be taken to a chatbot page where you can enter a custom prompt to generate a playlist or choose from a variety of suggested prompts. In the video, the prompt ‘Explore a niche genre like Witch House’ was a clear standout. When you select a prompt a sample playlist is generated, giving you the option to remove songs by swiping left to refine the final result. 

While it’s currently only in testing, this AI feature looks like it will offer exciting new ways for music lovers to discover new artists and genres. Spotify hasn’t disclosed any further information about its plan for AI-powered playlists, but we hope to see it rolled out to users in the not-to-distant future. 

Given Spotify’s recent innovations with AI, it wouldn’t be a total surprise if the playlists feature were to become part of Spotify's next big update. At the start of the year, Spotify dipped its toes in the AI waters by launching Spotify AI DJ, a more personal version of a standard recommended playlist. 

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