Memorex Ultra Travel Drive review

An attractive, portable hard drive solution from Memorex

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Our Verdict

A well thought out hard drive solution that looks as good as it performs


  • Attractive design
  • Quick Backup function


  • Basic feature count

This is the first mobile hard drive we've seen from Memorex and it's an impressive design. Available in a variety of sizes, the 80GB version costs £60 (inc. VAT), while the 160GB costs £100 (inc. VAT). To help differentiate it, you can swap the colour of the drive with different covers for different capacities. The 80GB version comes with orange and white, the 120GB has blue and black, while the largest capacity 160GB uses green and white.

USB 2.0 powers the drive, but it also comes with a power cable, so you can attach it to USB 1.1 devices. The casing houses a 2.5-inch laptop drive and the rubberised design feels comfortable.

The drive can easily transfer 1GB of data in 50 seconds, but the best feature is the Quick Backup button that activates the installed back-up software.