Samsung finally realises its smartwatches aren't amazing

Now in exclusive triangle shape

Readwrite commenter MrGutts thinks Samsung's lack of success in the wearable world is down to the design of the devices, rather than any flaw in the concept of simply cloning your phone's notifications on your wrist, offering the solution: "Samsung and even LG needs to partner up with [sic] a actual watch manufacturer so they can make a good looking watch and not some square block of crap."

That reasonably thoughtful opinion was soon buried under more anti-Samsung comments, like the message from Jim8151, who churned out the alternative solution of: "Samsung has not had much success with their keep throwing stuff at a wall and see what sticks approach. They're pausing to get their hands on the Apple Watch."

It's as if people are expecting the Apple Watch to be something other than a large lumpy rectangle with a battery life of a day and half the functionality of a phone. On a smaller screen.

Plus how can Samsung copy Apple's wearable to any significant degree when it uses Android Wear or Tizen to power them? Copying Apple Watch would mean also copying Apple's entire wearable OS, surely too much to expect?

Pause life

Even right here, on this very site, we had some comments, also quite down on Samsung as a whole. Techradar reader Bradavon dismissed the company's entire gadget output in one sentence with: "Wow! I wish they'd do the same with their phones (and tablets). Android Wear isn't ready for the mass market."

Commenter Gamblor77 hasn't exactly been enjoying Android Wear either, offering the scathing review: "Android Wear is kind of the worst OS I've ever used and I found the functionality to be next to useless. Literally the only benefit I got out of that watch was the vibration warned me of a notification slightly quicker than seeing the led on my phone."

Those critical milliseconds could be the difference between taking the credit for a manual RT or letting someone else get in there first, though, Gamblor. People will be chosen to live or die over such metrics of popularity in the near future.