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Samsung has a new super-premium version of its Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 titanium
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 titanium (Image credit: Samsung)

Do you like your smartwatches to be as premium-feeling and expensive as possible? Then boy does Samsung have a proposition for you, because it's just relaunched its latest wearable in one of the most luxe metals possible.

The watch in question is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which came out a month prior, but originally it was only available in stainless steel - that material usually feels pretty good on the wrist, but maybe not enough for some people, because you can now buy a version of the watch with a titanium build.

Titanium is a quite heavy metal, but it's strong and resistant to corrosion, so the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 clad in this material will likely last a long time. The watch strap for the titanium version is also metal, to support the heavy body.

In the US, the titanium Galaxy Watch 3 is set to cost $599.99 (which roughly converts to £460 / AU$820) and will hit stores on October 2. SamMobile meanwhile claims that the watch will go on sale in parts of Europe on September 18, though its exact UK price and launch date is unclear.

So it's unsurprisingly more expensive than the standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which costs $479 / £459 / AU$849 for its most pricey variant.

If you think this price is too high, bear in mind the recently-launched Apple Watch 6 has a titanium variant available too - and that starts at $799 / £799 / AU$1,199. So compared to that the titanium Galaxy Watch 3 could seem quite affordable.

Tom Bedford

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