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Sony unveils new bloggie for out and about video

Sony bloggie
Sony's bloggie is cute blogging, going by its name

Sony has unveiled the new bloggie camcorder, capable taking video in Full HD in a slim and pocket friendly design.

The bloggie features a 1920×1080 Full HD recording to MP4 at 30fps, or even 1280×720p at 60 fps for even smoother footage.

Sony is also touting the ability to shoot in 360 degrees with the bloggie, with the high end version of the device packing a lens adaptor to 'see the world from every angle'.

Sporting a pistol-grip design, the bloggie has 270-degree LCD, so you can flip it in all the ways imaginable (apart from that final 90 degrees) and there's also a 5x optical zoom for those moments when you just can't be bothered to stand up and get closer to the action.

Logs on the web

As you can imagine with a camcorder called the bloggie, Sony is banking on you using this to web log your videos (or 'blog', as we believe some of the kids are calling it these days).

To that end, it has stammered out the following description: "Just point and shoot: then walk into any web café, hook up bloggie and upload your life using the camera's embedded PMB Portable software."

Except it's not as cool as it sounds – we're not talking Wi-Fi here, just a lead that connects it to PCs and Macs. In fact, you might as well wait until you get home, seeing as the web cafe appears to be dying out faster than a sandwich parlour next to the Atkins Diet HQ.

The bloggie uses either Memory Stick Pro Duo or SD memory cards for video capture, and also features integration for YouTube and Picasa (with Facebook coming soon).

Check out the new camcorder with the child-like name from February 2010 – that's when Sony tells us it's being released.