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US judge to halt iPhone HD release?

iPhone HD being pushed back a few days?
iPhone HD being pushed back a few days?

Steve Jobs might be quaking on his aluminium unibody iThrone tonight as it appears the next iPhone release could be halted - by the law.

Sadly nothing to do with a counter claim by Gizmodo's Jason Chen, the problem revolves around the screen used in the upcoming iPhone HD.

This is very much a 'maybe' story, as it relies on 'facts' that are far from being confirmed, but could be very bad news for Apple.

LG is believed to be the supplier of the new OLED screens in the upcoming iPhone HD, giving it that super-slick look Apple and Jobs are so fond of.

But LG has jumped into litigation with a rival Asian screen manufacturer, AU Optronics, claiming that AUO had nabbed some tech for its screens.


But the claim appears to have backfired, with a US judge ruling that AUO is in the right and LG was the infringer.

AUO could now push for an injunction on all products containing LG's OLED screens, which would mean a US shutdown for the iPhone HD.

Would Jobs really want to announce it and then have to wait for his home country to get it while the likes of the UK and China are happily loving the next-gen iPhone?

Of course, this is based on a lot of hearsay and 'if this happened, then that would happen'... but surely nothing could stop the Jobs iPhone-juggernaut now. Surely?

Via Ozcarguide