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RIM unveils the new BlackBerry Tour

The new BlackBerry Tour is unveiled
The new BlackBerry Tour is unveiled

RIM has announced the next in its BlackBerry family, the BlackBerry Tour.

The phone follows the 'traditional' BlackBerry design in that it's a candybar shape with a full QWERTY keyboard.

RIM co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie has said that the phone would operate in multiple countries, so will presumably have a variety of compatible frequencies.


Other than that, details are pretty sparse, though on the basis of the promotional pictures it looks to sit just below the Bold 9000 in the portfolio, with a similar form factor.

It will also be running 3G connectivity, so lightning-fast web browsing (which has been peculiarly absent from most of RIM's mobile phones) is going to be possible on the new BlackBerry Tour.

We still haven't got word on when (or if) this will be launching in the UK and Europe, but the fact it's compatible in "more than 200 countries" hints that its entrance on our shores is pretty likely in the near future.

Via Reuters