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RIM planning full Flash support for BlackBerry

Flash in a BlackBerry
Flash in a BlackBerry

RIM will apparently announce Flash and Silverlight support for its BlackBerry range in the next year.

According to The Boy Genius Report, which has been 'gathering information' on the subject for the last few months, the company is planning to debut Flash-enabled devices in time for next summer.

The reason for the delay is apparently RIM needs to strengthen the browsers on its devices, as well as preparing them for increased speeds.

Paradigm shift

The idea will represent something of a paradigm shift for RIM, which has traditionally eschewed 3G connections on most of its handsets (the Bold and the Storm excepted).

But including Flash will need a whizzy fast connection, and apparently RIM has been testing its devices up to 10Mbps in an effort to ready its troops for the switch.

The timing of the device launch is interesting too, as it's generally around the same time Apple announces a new iPhone. While we're loathe to compare everything to Apple's mobile, the lack of Flash on the device has been noticeable.

We wouldn't be surprised if Apple announced the next version of the iPhone with a level of Flash compatibility, thus levelling the score between it and RIM.