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HTC Legend gets 2 April UK release date

HTC Legend coming soon from Vodafone
HTC Legend coming soon from Vodafone

The HTC Legend has been given a UK release date by Vodafone, along with the option to pre-order too.

The top-end Android phone, which is an exclusive for Vodafone in the UK, will be arriving on 2 April in the shops, with the phone free on a £25 per month deal.

However, if you pre-order the phone from the website, it's claiming that the phone will arrive by 6 April - as due to it being Easter weekend it may take up to four days longer.

There's still no word on a UK release date for the HTC Desire from Vodafone, but we're told that's coming imminently as well.

App happy

The HTC Legend from Vodafone will feature a number of additional apps pre-loaded, including Vodafone Music and MyWeb, which allows users to customise their mobile internet home page.

It appears that internet isn't unlimited on the new phone from Vodafone though, with the company promising 500MB per month of data - we're not sure if that's enough with the constantly 'chattering' devices.

Head on over to Vodafone's online store now to pre-order your hunk of unibody aluminium Android goodness.