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HTC Hero pops up with Android 2.1

The HTC 2.1 firmware upgrade
The HTC 2.1 firmware upgrade

After the HTC was confirmed as not getting the 1.6 Android firmware upgrade, it appears the phone has been jumped up to the cutting-edge 2.1.

While these numbers might not mean a lot to some people, essentially this is all about what the phone is capable of doing.

Android firmware version 1.5 is the OS you'll get out the box when buying the Hero, and many assumed the phone would automatically get the 1.6 update, which brings elements like a faster camera and detailed power meter.


But HTC has confirmed it wouldn't be going to the 1.6 upgrade, instead optimising the Sense user interface for Android 2.0, which brings even better features like integrated social networking for contacts.

It seems that things have gone one step further now, with an HTC Hero being shown on Be Geek as having the 2.1 upgrade, which hasn't even been released yet.

So if you're a Hero owner, (or probably a Tattoo user as well) you can hopefully expect the latest and greatest Android update to land on your device - just don't hold your breath.

Via Engadget

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