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HTC Hero Android 2.1 update coming in March

HTC Hero set for an upgrade?
HTC Hero set for an upgrade?

HTC looks set to upgrade the Hero to the latest version of the Android in March this year.

The Hero, which has gained plaudits from a number of sources for its Sense UI overlay and social networking integration, is currently stuck on the 1.5 version of the firmware.

This means a boring Android Market interface, no battery meter and a much slower camera - something users of the 'best' Android phone don't expect.

Which means the upgrade, which was tipped to land in March from Irish carrier Meteor, will be a welcome upgrade.

Split persona?

However, there is a caveat - the upgrade will be available via the HTC website, which means that it might not be compatible with all UK phones right away.

The first firmware upgrade for the phone came to the Orange version of the Hero in 2009, but T-Mobile G2 Touch users (the same phone re-badged) had to wait for T-Mob to 'optimise it' for their devices.

We'll have a word with Orange and T-Mobile today to see if we can get any more definite UK timescales, but the future seems brighter for Hero users...

Via Softpedia