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HTC HD2 Android version finally coming?

The HTC Supersonic - why can't people take proper photos?
The HTC Supersonic - why can't people take proper photos?

Those of you looking at the HTC HD2 and wishing it wasn't so Windows Mobile-esque will be pleased to hear that there may be an Android version coming.

The HTC Supersonic looks set to deliver a 4.3-inch OLED screen, with Android 2.1 (the same used in the Nexus One) used to power things along.

It's also got the HD2-matching 1GHz processor on board, as well as a kickstand (which we know you all love) so you can watch your favourite videos hands-free.


For the US, the phone seems to be running the 4G WiMax connection - if this was true it might make the chances if a UK version less likely, although a stripped down version is always possible.

At the moment we only have grainy spy pics to work with, and they show a little more - a dual LED flash on the camera makes it likely there will be a 5MP effort on there as well.

We're waiting more information on the device - but we're hoping HTC will be more forthcoming at Mobile World Congress next month, when we're assuming it will be announcing a whole slew of cool new smartphones.

Via Android Mobile OS