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Blurry shots fail to instill confidence in iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 leaks

Blurry shots fail to instil confidence over iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 components
You speaking to me?

Is this the next piece in the iPhone puzzle or are these images claiming to be speaker modules for Apple's next handsets just white noise?

Picked up by French site NoWhereElse, the blurry images apparently show the speakers which will feature in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

According to the site, the components were snapped by an employee of one of the manufacturers that produces parts for Apple, although we're unable to verify that.

Loud, but not so clear

iPhone 5S - iPhone 6 - LEAKS

The employee in question claimed that the iPhone 5S is due for launch between March and July this year, while the all new iPhone 6 will make an appearance towards the end of 2013.

The speaker module which is apparently meant for the iPhone 6 appears to be significantly smaller than the one destined for the iPhone 5S, suggesting Apple will dramatically reduce the size of its flagship handset once the 5S is out of the way.

While the two components do look similar to the speaker block found in the iPhone 5, we're not getting too carried away with the suggestion that Apple is prepping not one but two smartphone launches this year.

Check out some of our favourite fan-made iPhone 6 renders in the video below:

From NoWhereElse via AppleInsider