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Status editing coming to Facebook hints project manager

Status editing coming to Facebook hints project manager
A solution for social networking foot-in-mouth disease coming soon?

Facebook is likely to give users the opportunity to edit those status faux-pas, according to one of the company's project managers.

Vadim Lavrusik hinted that the recently-introduced ability to edit comments on statuses, could soon be followed up by the chance to wipe out typos, errors and inappropriate comments on our own updates.

Currently, the only way to cover out tracks is to completely delete the initial post and re-post the edited status with fewer mistakes or explosive comments.

Coming next?

Speaking at a journalism conference Lavrusik reportedly said: "On Facebook, you can edit captions and you can edit comments. You can infer what we will do next."

When pushed, he added: "I can tell you that users have asked for (editable statuses) a lot and a lot of times that's how we develop things."

Lavrusik stopped short of actually confirming the feature and a Facebook spokesman added that while it may be something the social network will consider in the future, "there's nothing to announce at this time."