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Twitter attack fuelled my campaign, says target

Twitter - DDoS attack took site down
Twitter - DDoS attack took site down

The Georgian blogger that was targeted in the now-infamous Twitter and Facebook distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks believes that the entire incident merely generated publicity for his cause.

Georgy Jakhaia, whose user name Cyxymu is apparently the Cyrillic spelling of his hometown in Sukhumi, was named as the person that was being attacked by security experts.

The DDoS on Twitter and Facebook took the former down entirely and slowed the latter, sparking widespread press attention.

This, Jakhaia tells Reuters, has raised his profile and helped him air his views on Russia.


"It's really cool to be at the centre of world media interest," he said.

"After all, I have another chance to make some positive PR for Georgia, without even thinking about it."

Coming on the event of the anniversary of the war between Georgia and Russia – Jakhaia has asked the Kremlin to investigate the incident, believing that it was the latter that targeted his online writings.

"No one else but Russia was interested in destroying my site," he added.

Via Reuters