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Facebook set to launch new Open Graph apps

Facebook set to launch new Open Graph apps
More Open Graph apps coming

Facebook will debut a host of new 'Open Graph' apps at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, according to reports.

The social network unveiled the first stable of fully-integrated apps back in September, with the likes of Spotify, the Guardian and Netflix among the founders.

The "watch," "listen" and "read" apps are created by third-party content providers and report the user's activities on other web portals, back to their Facebook profile and bring in content from friends.

The idea, from Facebook's perspective, is to make itself the only website that its members need to visit in order to access music, television, news and a host more entertainment content.

Next generation

AllThingsD says the next generation of Open Graph apps will come on Wednesday with many developers simply waiting on Facebook to pull the trigger.

Facebook has not commented on the report, but the article claims new verbs like "cooked" or "ran" might be added into the mix through work-out and cookery sites.

AllThingsD also reckons that the site may require users to upgrade to the new Timeline profile as early as next week.

All will be revealed at the media event in San Fransisco on Wednesday evening.

Via: AllThingsD