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7digital and Songbird take on iTunes

Songbird now working with 7digital
Songbird now working with 7digital

MP3 download store 7digital has announced a new partnership with open-source music player Songbird that integrates its 6 million MP3 catalogue into the player's library of tunes.

Users of Songbird can now purchase a track from from within the application and once it is downloaded it will be added to the Songbird library.

The songs can then be transferred to compatible music players from Philips, SanDisk and Samsung.

Killer combination

Speaking about the partnership, Ben Drury, CEO said: 7digital and Songbird is a killer combination for anyone who wants a dynamic, open music player.

"Songbird blows other media players away in terms of device support and extensibility and we're very excited to be partnering with them to allow users to buy, download and transfer MP3s onto a multitude of devices. The Songbird Platform made it quick and easy to integrate 7digital into Songbird."

Both companies are hoping the link-up will be enough to take on the might of Apple's iTunes.

To compete with Apple's Genius playlist option, a new song suggestion engine has been created that "makes music recommendations based on the most recently played songs in Songbird."

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