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The Xbox One controller is changing - and it's because of Titanfall

Xbox One controller to get fixed – and it's all thanks to Titanfall
Some tiny tweaks that could make all the difference
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Microsoft has already announced that it will give the Xbox One's multiplayer features an overhaul in time for Titanfall, but the preparations don't stop there.

According to the latest word, Microsoft is also tweaking the Xbox One controller's precision at the request of Titanfall's developers who weren't completely happy with the behaviour of the current analog sticks.

Titanfall design lead Justin Hendry told The Verge that the current controls are "overly twitchy" and that the software patch will increase thumbstick sensitivity.

But before you go and list your controller on Ebay, the update will only be software-based. We've asked Microsoft to clarify the exact changes, and will update as soon as we know more.

However, this isn't the first time that game developers have had an impact in the design process. Killzone's Guerilla Games had its own say in the creation of the PS4's Dualshock 4, for example.

Remote play

Meanwhile, Amazon seems to have just outed the as-yet-announced Xbox One media remote. Engadget spotted that the device had popped up on Amazon Canada for a short while before someone spotted the mistake and pulled it off.

But it's now been spotted over on Amazon UK (opens in new tab) too with a price of £19.99 (It was around US$23 converted on the Canadian site, so about $AU25).

The image has been taken down but the page says the device will start shipping on April 4, while Amazon Canada said March 4.

Microsoft is yet to announce its media remote officially, but you can bet your mortgage that we'll hear something very soon.

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