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A tiny screen that could transform Facebook

Get a bit of this on the side with Century's new add-on screen

With the mainstream acceptance of doing things other than work when at a PC, it's not surprising to see a gadget aimed at making the Facebook generation's life a little simpler.

Century Japan's ¥19,800 (£112) USB LCD monitor measures just 4.1 inches on the diagonal, but it's the small size that's supposed to appeal.

The thinking is that users hook up the screen to one side of their PCs and relegate chat, SNS sites and the like to the side.

Attention deficit

In a way, it makes sense to keep such peripheral activities all together on the, well, periphery instead of as a constant background attention draw as users switch between sites and applications constantly instead of working.

The screen can, of course, accommodate other windows, such as media players or toolbars for graphics applications, but it's the SNS angle that's sure to win most friends.