Our Verdict

If simplicity is key, the Withings Go is a fine fitness tracker. While there are other models that accomplish a lot more, this versatile wearable offers a surprising amount for a rather small cost.


  • Easy on the eyes
  • Sets you free from your phone
  • Eight-month battery life
  • Affordable


  • Cannot show time by default
  • Screen lacks backlight
  • E-ink leaves visual artifacts

Update: The Withings Go has earned a spot on our list of best fitness trackers. If you're looking for an affordable way to get fit, it's among the top choices out there.

Original review follows below.

The allure of a cool, capable smartwatch is strong, what with options like the flashy Apple Watch and regal Huawei Watch available. But sometimes all you need is a simple activity tracker.

Withings Go, the company's most affordable wearable yet, is just that. But it stands out as being clean of all the negatives that commonly tag along with budget-priced trackers.

The Withings Go isn't chintzy, it doesn't over-promise, and best of all, it essentially disappears on your arm or pocket. No, it's not invisible, it's just super comfortable and designed in such a way that it only requires your passive, not active, attention.

It doesn't push notifications or remind you where you need to be. The Go just tells you the time and bothers you with the only complication that's worth a hoot for fitness users: how close you are to reaching your goal.

But there's a bit more going on under its simple shell than it leads on.

Withings Go

It can auto-detect your workout of choice from common activities like jogging and swimming. Withings' latest is but a small, circular sensor that can be popped out and placed into either a traditional watch form factor or a pedometer-like clip.

Included in the box are the watch and clip attachments in the color of your choice for $80 (£50, about AU$107.) Each configuration shows off its rather novel e-ink screen, which may not look like much, but translates to an experience that's easy to digest for up to eight months at a time, thanks to its cell battery.


The Withings Go is stocked with a circular, monochromatic e-ink screen that runs about an inch from end to end. This display is hugged with a band of white bezel, but it hides itself once you slip it into one of the provided encasings.

It might seem obvious, but the display serves as your means for digesting info. And as I mentioned earlier, there's not a whole lot to see on this little screen. So, Withings doubled its function as a button, which you can push down to show off some more.

Withings Go

Pressing a finger down on the screen until you feel a click will switch the view to show the time. Yeah, it's not an insanely fancy feature, but I'll credit Withings for implementing the device's only controls in a clever way.