Nokia C3 review

Does the low cost Nokia C3 offer great value for money?

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With 3G missing from the specs line-up Internet access has to rely on Wi-Fi or the GPRS/EDGE connection. We'd really advocate the former wherever possible. In fact, if you want to download any kind of data, such as for Ovi Maps, direct to the handset, using Wi-Fi is a must.

The real problem with the Nokia C3 as far as internet access is concerned isn't the lack of 3G, though – it's the small screen. As already noted, it measures 2.4-inches across diagonal corners and delivers 320 x 240 pixels.

Quite simply, that isn't enough. There's barely enough space to get the TechRadar home page header on screen let alone view any content without scrolling. Cutting the zoom level down to 50 percent enables you to you see more, but text is too small to read.

Nokia c3

It takes rather a long time for larger pages like the TechRadar home page to be zoomed into and out of, too, leaving you with a tedious wait. And no, there's no way to get the screen into tall format. No accelerometer and no manual page swivel either.

Nokia c3

Other sites fare little better unless you go for the mobile versions and even then the lack of height on screen means you can't see an awful lot at once.

Nokia c3