Hands on: Acer Swift 7 review

The first laptop that's under a centimeter thick

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Our Early Verdict

The first laptop to measure under a centimeter thick (at the rear end) is a stylish and lightweight device with an eye-popping display.


  • Thin and light
  • Looks great
  • Roomy trackpad


  • Only Full HD display

Acer's shiny new Swift 7 laptop has one-upped Apple's MacBook. The first Ultrabook to measure under 1cm thick (at the chunkier end, obviously), it's deliciously sleek and a real tempting option if you're looking for an ultraportable to take on the move.

In other words, it measures 9.98mm at the rear end, which features a black-and-gold design that contrasts brilliantly. It has a real touch of premium about it and reminds us of HP's equally sleek HP Spectre.

Acer Swift 7

Thickness aside, the 14-inch 1080p display is the real standout here. It may only be Full HD, but it's a brilliant IPS panel that, as such, gives off excellent horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

Acer Swift 7

The screen's color saturation is impressive, with bold and vibrant colors complemented with deep and powerful blacks. It's Corning's Gorilla Glass, too, so it should stand up well to drops, knocks and scrapes.

The display's bezel is a little chunkier than what we've been spoiled with by devices like Dell's XPS 13 and the Spectre 13, but that's a minor gripe.

Acer Swift 7

Weighing just 1.1kg, this is a pleasingly light device that you can easily pick up and wave about in one hand. Despite its lightweight nature and thin design, it packs in a solid, chiclet-spaced keyboard that's paired with an incredibly roomy trackpad that makes executing Windows 10's gesture commands a breeze.

Acer Swift 7

Intel has slipped its 7th-generation Core i-series processors under the hood, and it claims that there's enough internal juice for you to play Overwatch at Full HD with fluid frame rates without the need for a discrete graphics chip.

Acer Swift 7

Acer says that the Swift 7 will start at $999 or €1,299 (around £1,100) in Europe, when it's due to arrive in October.

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