Faulty transformer downed LHC

But not Optimus Prime trying to save the world

Decepticon attack No

Cern has revealed that the gremlin that took down the Large Hadron Collider was actually a faulty transformer.

Although the launch went off without a hitch (or the end of the world) the LHC has not actually collided any particles yet after a problem shut down operations.

Cern has now revealed that the reason for the delay was a transformer in the cooling plant for the LHC.


"The transformer, weighing 30 tonnes and with a rating of 12 MVA, was exchanged over the weekend, said Cern in a press release.

"During this process, the cryogenics system was put into a standby mode with the two sectors kept at around 4.5K.

"Since the beginning of the week the cryogenics team have been busy re-cooling the magnets and preparing for operation with beam, which is currently forecast for today."

It's taken a while to fix, although you could probably posit that 30 tonne transformers are thin on the ground – but now the scientists can get on with Armageddon.

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