Cold Call phishers luring in public

You want my passwords? Of course

Which? magazine is warning people of a spate of incidents in which unsuspecting people have been rung up by people pretending to be Microsoft or their ISP and claiming that their PC has a virus, before gaining access to their PC.

Here at TechRadar we don't like to mock the afflicted, and understand that there are still a few people left who will give out their bank details to anyone under the slightest suggestion.

So as we avoid the word 'idiot' for the remainder of this piece, we will tell you that the cold caller tries to convince the i…person that they have a virus and walks them through the steps to grant them remote access.

Bank details

They will then work their mischief – which has apparently amounted to getting bank details and emptying accounts of these i…unfortunate souls.

Jaclyn Clarabut, assistant editor of Which? Computing, said: "We wanted to draw attention to this before the situation gets any worse."

So if someone calls up pretending to be Microsoft or your ISP, then do your best not to roll over and give them access to your PC and/or bank details.

Because that would make you an idiot. Damn.


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