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iPhone 4G

This week saw concept photos of iPhone 4G break cover, while some PS3 owners had a shock when their consoles went screwy.

Stephen Fry revealed the power of his tweets, and Tivo pointed the blame at Sky for its failure to break into the UK market.

We also revealed the social networks that they don't want you to join, examined the choices on offer in the browser ballot, and built a USB mini fridge.

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Top five news stories

iPhone 4G spotted in concept photos

New concept photos of the iPhone 4G have emerged - with some cool new touches we think might actually make it to the final version. The new concepts by Seraphan includes some well-thought out ideas - imagine being able to pick up the iPhone in a whole gamut of colours a la the iPod nano.

Sony: Don't use your PS3 for 'next 24 hours'

Sony has urged customers who have an old-style PS3 not to use their console as the company tries to fix what it is calling a "bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system". While the new PS3 Slim seems to have got off scot-free, any model other than this version has been hit with multiple problems, including problems signing into the PSN, dates resetting themselves and corrupt trophy data.

TiVo: Sky partnership caused UK flop

TiVo has pointed the finger firmly at its ill-fated relationship with Sky as the reason for its failure to break into the UK market, but is confident that the same mistakes will be avoided in its forthcoming collaboration with Virgin Media. Speaking to TechRadar at the launch of TiVo's new set-top boxes in New York, Vice President and General Manager Joshua Danovitz explained that the reason TiVo withdrew from the UK in 2003 was down to the creation of Sky+ rather than any lack of enthusiasm from the nation for personal video recorders.

The Nintendo Wii is 'a virus' says ex-DICE boss

Ex-DICE boss and hardcore game designer Fredrik Liliegrin has labelled the Nintendo Wii a "virus" and says that it is "not a video games machine". Liliegrin is CEO of Antic Entertainment, a developer that claims to produce 'casual games for the hardcore'. The ex-DICE boss told GamingUnion: "Wii, to me, I would describe it as a virus, that doesn't stick. Everyone comes home, it's a toy, people have got to realise the Wii is a toy, not an entertainment-focused product.

How Stephen Fry takes down entire websites with a single tweet

Stephen Fry has revealed how he regularly crashes websites with around 3,000 requests per second as a result of him tweeting a link to his 1.3 million plus followers. In an exclusive interview with our colleagues on .net magazine, Fry says: "When I tweet a link it usually gets around two or three thousand requests a second. Especially if I word it in a way where I really want people to go to a site."

Top five in-depth articles

10 social networks they don't want you to join

What distinguishes the following social networks from the likes of Facebook is that they're designed to be exclusive, attracting a few thousand or even a few hundred like-minded individuals. Oh, and you usually have to be invited by a member to join or go through a rigorous approvals process. Jealous, much? We'll see. But just remember what Groucho Marx said when he telegrammed his resignation to the Friar's Club of Beverley Hills - "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."

Why are games so terrified of sex?

Ah yes, sex. Where would we be without it? Certainly, it'd be easier to find parking spaces, but much tougher to find a date to the movies (or perhaps a reason to go on a date in the first place). Yet despite the fact that most would agree that a good horizontal rumba is rather better than, say, a good session of genocide, the number of real PC games that have dared take on more sexual subjects can practically be counted on the fingers of one hand and… oh, behave.

A year with superfast broadband

With the announcement that Virgin Media is bringing a 100Mbps service to the UK by the end of 2010, the argument is sure to rage over how ready the UK is for a service of this kind. TechRadar editor Patrick Goss has been using Virgin Media's 50Mbps service for the past year, and he outlines his impressions of an offering that is about to lose its place as the flagship cable broadband package.

How to make a USB mini fridge

If a current is passed between two different materials a heat differential is created; one side hot the other cold. The principle is used in all sorts of situations including cooling processors and mini-fridges, though apparently they're not that efficient, just small and light. So why do we care? Well you can pick up a Peltier heat pump on eBay for under £5, we're interested in the 30W ones, these run at 5 to 12 volts so can be powered from a USB port.

The bluffer's guide to the 12 browser ballot rivals

The EU-mandated browser ballot means that Microsoft has to tell you about other browsers. Some of the rivals you already know, but others are pretty obscure - and every single one of them claims to be the fastest, the best or the fastestest bestest browser the world has ever seen. Don't know your Avant Browser from your Greenbrowser? Fear not! We've put together this handy print-out-and-keep guide, and randomised the order so the EU can't accuse us of favouritism.

Top five reviews

Sony Bravia KDL-40EX503

The Sony Bravia KDL-40EX503 is Sony's very first TV to come packing a built-in Freeview HD tuner. The bottom line is that if you live in an area that already has or is soon to get Freeview HD, then the 40EX503 absolutely demands an audition.

Canon PowerShot A490

if you're looking for a camera for occasional use, and simply want reasonable results every time you press the shutter, this is a cast-iron bargain. Picture quality is decent, and the asking price is £80 – what more can you ask for?

Humax HD-Fox T2

The Humax HD-Fox T2 is the UK's first dedicated Freeview HD box. It's a great box, with full-HD output via HDMI. Forthcoming firmware updates will give it PVR functionality as well as access to the BBC iPlayer.

LG chocolate BL20

LG has introduced a more sweetly priced slider phone – the Chocolate BL20 – to try and tempt style-savvy phone buyers not interested in the more feature packed (but higher-priced) Chocolate BL40.

Samsung 40C7000

The 40C7000 is the first 3D TV to launch in the UK. It's compatible with 3D Blu-ray discs, and will work with Sky's 3D TV channel when it launches later this year. It's a great TV, and looks brilliant with 2D pictures too.

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