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Apple Tablet

This week's news and features have been dominated by the impending announcement of the Apple Tablet, slated (geddit) for next Wednesday. Other topics covered was a security flaw in Internet Explorer, as Bill Gates joining Twitter with the words "hello world" - nice.

Our most popular feature of the week was our guide to keeping your PC dust-free, showing that it's a pretty common problem, while the TomTom Start and Intel's new Core i7 laptop chip tops out the reviews list. Read on for more.

Top five news articles

Bill Gates joins Twitter, may have broken it

Bill Gates, the world's richest man and the co-founder of Microsoft, is finally catching up with the world of social media. He's opened a Twitter account and set up a Facebook fan page.

Microsoft: Switch from IE and your risk increases

Microsoft's Head of Security and Privacy in the UK has told TechRadar that people who jump ship from Internet Explorer after the recent spate of bad headlines risk ending up on a less secure browser.

Apple Tablet set to revolutionise gaming?

Apple's iPhone has been phenomenally successful, with mobile gaming leading the charge in the sales success of the iTunes App Store and an increasing number of hardcore gamers adopting the iPhone as their mobile format of choice.

iPhone 4G to have touch-sensitive case?

Clamouring for more on the next iPhone? Well here's the latest rumour-bomb: the iPhone 4G (as it's being dubbed) might come with a touch sensitive casing. This means Magic Mouse-like multi-touch technology covering its body - making it an awesome way to navigate through the iPhone.

Virgin Media responds to BT's broadband announcement

Virgin Media has responded to BT's latest broadband announcement by asking why consumers would want to wait for the service, rather than plump for its own super-fast broadband.

Virgin media

Top five in-depth articles

How to keep dust out of your PC

Have you ever had a PC that started making strange whining noises? Even if you've investigated the cause of the noises, which can often sound pretty serious when you hear them, you may not realise the reason for them. The chances are they're caused by a cooling fan with dust in its bearing.

10 ways to make iPhone OS 4.0 damn near perfect

We love our iPhones, but we'd love them even more if Apple changed a few key things - not in the hardware, but in the software. The iPhone OS has some idiosyncrasies that make us mad, some omissions that make us angry and in Notes, a typeface that makes us feel physically ill. Here's what to fix.

AMD Bulldozer: The fightback begins in 2011

AMD is belatedly tooling up to release a revolutionary new processor architecture that will fundamentally challenge the notion of what exactly a CPU core is.

The mind-blowing possibilities of quantum computing

Getting meaningful results from a quantum computer requires what can only be described as a little magic. Traditional computers – from your desktop PC to the supercomputers that IBM builds when it's showing off – all use a system of switches that can be either on or off. Quantum computers are different in that they can be in both of these states at the same time. These states are called 'superpositions'.

10 best iPhone games for hardcore gamers

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you've probably browsed or bought from the iTunes Store. With over 35,000 downloads currently available, finding the quality in all that quantity is growing increasingly difficult, frustrating and costly. Here's our guide to the best.

iPhone games

Top five in-depth articles

TomTom Start

Given the price and its drop-dead simple feature set the TomTom Start's quite an accomplishment. We'd rather have this than some of the other more complex sat navs. It really is that good.

Intel Core i7 620M

If you're in the market for a new laptop, be it big, small or anywhere in between, Intel's new mobile processors should be right at the top of your list.

Samsung ST70

The ST70 is top of the style pile in Samsung's new compact camera range. Launched alongside its smaller brother the ST60, the super-slim snapper is hoping to attract buyers with its good looks.

Nokia N900

Considering the N900 costs the same as the N97 when launched, there's no contest between the two - the N900 wins hands down, and actually works in the way you'd want it to.

HTC Hero

There's a lot to like about the HTC Hero. A lot. Be it the multiple home screens, the option to change scenes to suit the time of day, the Facebook integration or even the responsive touchscreen.

HTC hero

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