10 amazing bits of future movie tech that already exist

Future focus

8 Driverless car

Google car
Where do you want to go, Michael?

Total Recall, Demolition Man, Minority Report and I Robot have all featured driverless cars. According to Hollywood, in an unavoidable dystopian future, cars cannot and should not be operated by humans because we're are too risky and cause accidents. 2013's Skynet, or Google it's currently known, have taken on a similar ethos and begun creating an autonomous car.

Google are a bit hush on the specifics, but it seems that the car operates by using sensors to detect its surroundings and 360 cameras to map out direction, not dissimilar to the Google Street View car. It is operated by a piece of software ominously called 'Google Chauffeur', which sounds absolutely terrifying. Google's car has already done test runs around San Francisco and it completed over 300,000 autonomous driving miles with no problems.

Ford has also jumped on the driverless bandwagon by developing a car that takes over the steering wheel when you are about to crash, which is great news for drink drivers.

9 Star Wars Hologram

"Commander Cody, the time has come, execute order 66" said Darth Sidious as he instructed Commander Cody to order him the special fried rice from Noodle Palace. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, sending a Hologram message was as throwaway as sending a text. But the hologram technology used in Star Wars isn't so far, far away any more.

A company called Asukanet demonstrated a new interactive hologram at this year's CEATEC show. The device that displays the hologram is called an Aerial Imaging Plate, which combines reflective surfaces with a tablet interface. A 'floating' hologram is presented and the user can interact with it as they would any real life tangible object. The AIP then detects where your hand is in relation to the hologram and makes the hologram respond accordingly. The actual image can only be seen from one angle, or 'sweetspot', which Asukanet believes is an advantage because it gives the user more 'privacy'. Ewww.

10 Tron virtual reality

Oculus Rift
Riding the Rift, Tron style

It's always fun to laugh at how directors envisioned the future would be and then execute their vision with eighties special effects. There's no greater example of this than the original Tron film. Even the colours were '80s - we're pretty sure that was the same shade of blue that got Lucky Charms banned in the UK. Tron's virtual world that absorbed Kevin Flynn can easily be recreated in 2013. Virtual Reality has taken some huge strides in recent years, with many thanks to crowd-funding programs like Kickstarter.

The most well known project, Oculus Rift, is on the cusp of release and many developers and journalists - including TechRadar - have had a chance to use it. The devices offers a 90 degree horizontal field of view and a 1080p resolution, which creates an immersive experience. If you don't believe us, check out this charming video of an elderly lady using the Oculous for the first time.