Meet the Withings Go: a simple and affordable fitness tracker

The Withings Go is the latest fitness tracker from the now Nokia-owned wellness technology company.

At $80 (£50, about AU$107,) the circular Go is aimed squarely at the fitness crowd that's on a budget. And while the word "budget" can draw ire from some, this tracker has a few standout features that you should know about.

First off, it has an e-ink screen. Although the Go is only about an inch from side to side, it features the same battery sipping (not slurping) tech that you'll find in the Amazon Kindle Oasis and the models that preceded it. The result? Battery life that lasts for eight months.

It's also completely waterproof. So whether you shower or dive in the pool, the Go will keep going.

What I enjoy most about the Withings Go, which I mention in the review, is that unlike many affordable wearables, it "isn't chintzy, it doesn't over-promise, and best of all, it essentially disappears on your arm or pocket. No, it's not invisible, it's just super comfortable and designed in such a way that it only requires your passive, not active, attention."

If you're in the market for a new wearable, or just interested to see what one of it's most prominent players has put forward in 2016, check out our in-depth thoughts on the Withings Go.