These TomTom Spark 3 / Runner 3 deals are perfect for runners on a budget

We’re big fans of the TomTom Spark 3 and Runner 3 simply because these watches offer a simple and cheap way to get you running with tech.

And today, on Amazon Prime Day, you’re able to get your hands on the watch with a variety of different levels of tech in a small strap (we’re hoping for larger-strap deals later in the day) - and a price point to suit most new and upgrading runners. 

These are all Lightning Deals though, so they’re only available for short times… or until they’re gone.

What's the difference between the Spark 3 and Runner 3?

If you’re confused between the Spark 3 and the Runner 3… don’t be, as it's pretty simple. 

They’re the same watch in terms of both hardware and software, but with slightly different band designs.

The first is the TomTom Spark 3 with heart rate monitor. This is the basic variant of the Spark, and offers the same multi-sport abilities (so running is joined by cycling and swimming and more) and it offers some great activity tracking capabilities. 

In fact, they’re so good the Spark 3 made it into our list of the best fitness trackers, despite being a running watch.

The Spark 3 heart rate model is only £99.99 on Amazon Prime Day, which isn’t the cheapest we’ve ever seen it… but in places like John Lewis and TomTom direct it’s risen to £119.99 from £89.99, so this deal on Amazon is the cheapest place to get it right now, and this deal is only available until 2.45PM today.

If you want to go up a level, you can get the Spark 3 with music playback built in too. The watch can hold 500 songs, and you can connect Bluetooth headphones to take your tunes on the go with you. 

All variants of the Spark 3 will track your runs admirably using GPS, and are able to upload your efforts to Strava, Nike+, Runkeeper and Endomondo instantly when you’ve finished and connected to your phone.

The Spark 3 with music costs around £150 in other outlets (and doesn’t even pack heart rate tracking), but on Prime Day it’s down to £129.99 - with that deal set to expire at 3.35PM.

If you want the Runner 3 (which, lest we forget, is just the same watch as the Spark 3 but with a slightly different case), then deals have started appearing for that watch as well.

You can get the black / green model for £161.99 with the heart rate monitor and music bundled in - plus TomTom's wireless headphones in the box too.

This deal is only available until 6.30PM tonight, or until it's sold out - and stock is currently already nearly half gone!

We'll keep updating this piece as more Spark / Runner variants come on offer... it seems there's something of theme today.

It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale. Stick with TechRadar for how to grab all the best deals.