ZTE looks to be grand with new Grand S phone

Quad core and looking to score

Chinese phone maker ZTE introduced a new phone to the 5-inch playing field Tuesday at CES, lifting the lid off its latest smartphone, the Grand S.

Tagged as the company's flagship handset, and the world's thinnest 5-inch screener to boot, the S joins the company's other Grand brands - the Grand X and Grand Era.

Standing on its own ground the S features a 5-inch FHD screen and 13MP camera filling in a slim 6.9-millimeter form factor.

ZTE isn't skimping on other specs either - a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor should help the S sail smoothly through any task.

Making a Grand appearance

The Grand S has been rumored for awhile, with a press shot outing the phone two weeks ago.

Know we know the S is a 4G LTE phone fronted by the 13MP snapper in the back and a 2MP lens on the frontside. For now, it's only slated to go on sale in China during the first quarter of the year. We haven't heard a peep on pricing, either.

We'll get a hands on with the phone following the company's 1:30 PST press conference, so stay tuned as we tinker with the latest from ZTE.


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