RIM ships out 50 millionth BlackBerry

Who knew there were that many businessmen in the world?

RIM has announced that it shipped its 50 millionth BlackBerry in January, cementing what most of us already know – that the smartphone is as popular as ever.

With this many handsets around, RIM is being kept busy handling an obscene amount of information through its BlackBerry infrastructure – 3 petabytes of traffic per month, according to the company's recent figures. That's a lot of text messages.

Above the RIM

RIM has been around for 10 years now, and currently employs 12,000 people. Although the BlackBerry has been closely associated with businessmen, RIM has revealed that the phones are increasingly being used to tap into social-networking sites, with 7 million people downloading the 'Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones' app.

So that's what your average BlackBerry user is doing on the train while pretending to 'check' their emails.

The recent launch of the BlackBerry Storm has also seen the company branch out more into the consumer market – with the Storm's touchscreen tech and sleek look trying to tempt Apple aficionados away from their beloved iPhones.



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