New pics of BlackBerry Storm 2 emerge

Have all the previous problems been fixed?

More pictures of the forthcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 have surfaced as the new phone inches towards release.

Apparently it's set to be known as the BlackBerry 9520 (compared to the original 9500), and will indeed have Wi-Fi as previously predicted.

It's meant to be packing similar innovation to the original Storm phone, which was widely panned for its clickable screen, but this has clearly been scrapped thanks to a thinner frame.

Touch friendly

It also appears that the BlackBerry Storm 2 has touch sensitive buttons on the front, although a similar 3.2-inch screen, with likely the same impressive video playback.

It's also using the latest in the BlackBerry OS range with 5.0, and obviously packs 3G as well for those Wi-Fi-less moments.

There's still no definitive word on when the BlackBerry Storm 2 will be unveiled, but check out Benez Blog to see all the pictures of the new device (sort of) in action.


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