iPhone 4 pre-order plans go live with Orange

iPhone 4 PAYG and contract plans detailed

Orange has become the first network to out plans for the forthcoming iPhone, on both pay as you go and contract deals.

The iPhone 4 16GB will only be free on a £75 a month deal on a two year deal - which is pretty pricey.

You'll have to pay between £169 and £29 to get the phone on tariffs ranging from £30 to £45 - again on a two year deal.

For the iPhone 4 32GB on the same length of deal the cost ramps up even more: no options to get the phone for free, meaning you'll need to pay between £269 and £29 to pick up the iPhone 4 on tariffs between £30 and £75.

Two years too long

If you can't be bothered to have the phone for that long, then the 18 month deals are even pricier: the iPhone 4 16GB will cost from £229 to £99 up front, and the iPhone 4 32GB will mean you need to pay from £319 to £139.

Orange is offering 'unlimited' data for the iPhone plans, but is making it pretty clear these come with a fair use policy of 750MB, unlike O2 and Vodafone.

Thankfully, the PAYG options are a little bit more normal - well, Apple-normal, anyway.

You can pick up the iPhone 16GB for £480, or the iPhone 4 32GB for £570 - not cheap, but less than the price quoted on the Apple site, and you get free texts and minutes too, depending on the plan.

Check out Orange's dedicated site to get the full range of price plans, but note Orange isn't offering a chance to break your contract early, so you'll need to be pretty committed (and a little wealthy) to get a new iPhone 4 now.


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