Apple iPhone 6S launch - this is what happened

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and new Apple TV

Apple iPhone launch live blog

Apple's iPhone 6S event was actually more of an iPad Pro and new Apple TV press conference right up until the very end, giving fans several product refreshes.

It feels like CEO Tim Cook announced all but the Apple Car and new Macs. It had everything, else, from new phones, to tablets, to set-top boxes, and you can't forget about iOS software.

Now that the San Francisco keynote has concluded, we look back at the announcements, as they happened in real time, and take solace in knowing many of our predictions were correct.

12.05 - Thanks so much for staying with me here... it's been real. Let's do this every year. I'm out to get punched in the face by a bunch of bloggers scrambling to get pictures of these things.

Warrior? Me? Nah.

Oh, we're closing with a band. Who is it? One Republic. I'm leaving.

12.02 - Something little there: the screen will flash when you take a selfie, like a flash to light your face. Literally all of this was bang on the money in the rumors.

I think it's over. Thank God. I'm dying here.

12.00 - You can pre-order from Saturday, but it's coming a bit later this year - September 25 the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus release date.


11.57 - BUT HOW MUCH? AND WHEN? iPhone 6 starts at $199 for 16GB (DAMN, low storage), and up to $399, and iPhone 6S from $299 to $499.


iPhone 5S will come from free, and the iPhone 6 will come from $99, and the iPhone 6 Plus $199.

11.56 - iOS 9 obviously, with faster Wi-Fi and a higher category of LTE as new networks roll out. There's even a new app called 'Move to iOS' that you can download from Play Store to help you switch over. 'It's good to be neighbourly' riffs Phil.

11.53 - If you press the picture it turns into a short video - seems a lot like HTC's Zoe. When you take a photo it'll take some videos either side with sound. 1.5 seconds each side... that's going to ruin the shutter speed.

Not sure this will catch on, but at least they've been optimised so the pictures don't take up a lot of space. You can put them on a Watch too with the new Live Faces.

Facebook will support it in the News Feed too. I think Apple is giving us too much credit here that we can take good photos.

11.52 - 'What if we could do something more with photos'? Live photos - this is some Harry Potter sh*t right here.

11.50 - 5MP Facetime camera on the front for self portraits. Not much to add there. The True tone flash is being re-tooled, so it lights up three times higher - won't that make things a little over-exposed?

11.47 - Looking at some pictures now - a lot of detail and exposure shown off nicely. Even without HDR it works well - and low light / exposure mix is nice.

It's a good sensor, but it's not ground breaking. Apple users won't care - if you're coming from anything below an iPhone 6, this is impressive.

Plus it can now do 4K video for more detail. Won't that fill the phone up quickly though?

11.44 - An all new iSight camera, 12MP as expected. Apple reckons it did it without dropping quality by packing in more pixels - 50% more - an has the same fast autofocus.


I like Schiller. He made a joke about Deep Trench Isolation. He knows that most of us know no idea about this kind of things.

11.43 - Back to chatting about the A9 - M9 coprocessor is built in this time, so it's always on as it's integrated, so you can say 'Hey Siri' whenever the phone is nearby - not just when plugged in.

TouchID is upgraded, so it's twice as fast. The rest of the industry has surpassed it, so that's a good upgrade for Apple fans.

11.39 - Schiller back to talk about the spec: A9 chip, for faster performance with more energy efficiency. 'Optimised for real world use'.

90% better graphics than last year, 80% faster. Standard. Now we're getting ANOTHER demo. This man sounds a bit like John Cleese.

Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade is a very rich, visual game - and it's already using 3D Touch to focus within the game - it's getting used by developers right at the start.

11.36 - If someone sends you a link in a message, then a press on it will show it as a Peek from the app without being forced out to Safari. You can long press on the camera and an option to take a selfie, then use 3D Touch to scroll through them to see what they're like.

You can also use it to swipe across between apps too.

11.34 - Craig Federighi onstage now to show it off. He's just made a joke about the Apple Car. It was hilarious. (A picture of a unicycle, amazing).


11.32 - This is cool, but it's going to be hard to work out at the start. This is what's making it the most advanced iPhone ever, according to Ive.


11.31 - Sensors in the backlight measure the distance between coverglass and light to properly keep measuring your response. The haptic feedback (or Taptic, as it's been called before) gets up to speed so much faster, to let you know what your touch is doing.

11.29 - 3D Touch is coming - sounds like the advanced version of Force Touch. Jony Ive on video again to talk us through it in a slightly bored voice.

Your iPhone can now recognise force, with Peek and Pop gestures. It brings shortcuts to frequent tasks, and lets your preview stuff by long pressing. Sensors in the display work out how hard you're pressing.


11.27 - Confirmed: Rose Gold aluminum finish - its a custom alloy, 7000 series. Stopping it from bending so much obviously. Gold, Space Grey, Silver and Rose Gold. Displays are the same size as before, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

With stronger glass too.

11.26 - New iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. 'The most advanced smartphones in the world'. Phil Schiller is coming back.

11.25 - 'How do you follow a success like this?' IT'S VIDEO TIME!

11.24 - Tim's back to talk iPhone. Hearing how it's doing well in China - iPhone 6 the most popular iPhone ever.