Bada tablets 'not on the agenda' for UK

Just for smartphones for now

Samsung does not have imminent plans to release a Bada tablet, according to head of content Keith O'Brien.

When quizzed on the possibility of Samsung's in-house OS making its way on to a tablet device, as is the way of tech companies these days, he told TechRadar:

"It's not on the agenda for now, at least not as far as the UK is concerned."


That's not to say that Samsung's OS won't ever end up on a tablet, though, as O'Brien explained that the company is still "absolutely committed" to Bada.

He told us, "We don't know which OS will become dominant, if any. Really, we've only just begun, and the potential for mobile OSes to start impregnating other devices is vast.

"So it's important for us to have our own hardware and software, as well as remaining operating system agnostic.

"We're hedging our bets as far as operating systems go; this year it just so happens that Android is the OS of the day."



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