The Sun becomes latest newspaper to start constructing a paywall

Britain's biggest tabloid the Sun will also charge for online access - following The Telegraph to declare it is erecting a paywall.

The country's biggest selling paper, the Sun will join the Times (which put up a paywall in 2010) and the Telegraph in charging for content, with the latter only revealing the news a day earlier

Interestingly, subscribers will also get access to Premier League clips as part of the Sun's package, a move which provides a real hint about the direction of paid-for content.


Although the Times' user numbers have crashed since it began charging, the model clearly has benefits.

People's reticence to pay for online content, especially given the power and size of the BBC site in the UK, could well see publishers looking to a package model.

So, the future could see, say, Sky subscribers also getting access to a broadsheet as part of their subscription.

Pricing, and a firm date, have not been announced for the Sun's move - although News International's access to football highlights kicks in (and off) at the beginning of the new season in mid-August.

Via Reuters