Spotify denies console player 'any time soon'

Just stuck with that album you uploaded to the PS3

Spotify has moved to deny rumours it's bringing its service to games consoles in the near future.

Inc Gamer said an 'anonymous tipster' had said that Spotify was 'working on it [console based streaming] for some time now', but the company has since moved to dismiss such speculation:

"We've always said that we want to be on as many devices as possible so that we can bring music to wherever our users are, but there's no truth to these 'anonymous' rumours about Spotify coming to game consoles any time soon," said a spokesperson for Spotify.

Microsoft rival

Microsoft is developing a rival to Spotify in the UK, although this is only in limited beta at the moment and through MSN. However, the company is 'into' streaming at the moment, with the likes of Zune Movies offering instant access to content.

But that hasn't stopped the likes of the Sony and Nintendo forging partnerships with BBC for the iPlayer on their consoles in the absence of Microsoft, so such a deal could still be feasible, although not in the near future it seems.

Via Inc Gamer


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