Jay Z raps some sense, some nonsense as he disses Spotify, Apple and co

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Jay Z raps some sense some nonsense

Jay Z is really annoyed with you. Yes, you. Hova is not impressed that you're willing to buy nine iPhones while you've got nothing but scorn for Tidal - and he's not afraid to rap about it.

To be honest, a lot of what he says makes sense. Well, I'm not so sure about the bits about not using Tidal being comparable to Freddie Gray, Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin being killed by police, nor that black artists are getting a worse deal than white ones in the streaming game, but some of the other stuff is fair.

He calls out YouTube and other services for paying "a tenth of what you're supposed to get" and questions why Tidal is being given such a hard time.

It's not the first time Jay Z has claimed that companies are spending "millions" to sully Tidal's name. While it's not clear whether that's actually true or not, the streaming service has had a hard time in the press because the launch was so intensely ridiculous but also for all these reasons.

Unfortunately the freestyle verse did not contain an update on Jay Z's cousin's trip to Nigeria.

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