As Tim Cook joins Weibo, BlackBerry's boss salutes your mum on Twitter

Execs with their fingers on the pulse

Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined Weibo just as BlackBerry's CEO John Chen takes to Twitter.

No, you haven't woken up in 2009. That's just the glacial pace that tech behemoths move at.

Tim Cook's Weibo account has been created to coincide with his trip to Beijing to announce new environmental programs (which include joining forces with the World Wildlife Fund). It also highlights the fact that Apple wants a bigger piece of China's growing population of affluent middle class types who can afford iPhones and Apple Watches.

BlackBerry's CEO, meanwhile, has joined Twitter at the behest of T-Mobile's John Legere. He has so far used it to bask in the reflected glory of BlackBerry-using David Cameron's re-election and salute all the moms out there on American Mother's Day. You can follow him here if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Tim Cook has 293,133 followers at time of writing; John Chen a mere 5,789. Not that it's a competition.



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