LaCie launches portable movie archive LaCinema

Transportable hard drive with HDMI port rocks the rugged look

Simple ideas are always the best, and LaCie seems to have hit the nail right on the hi-def head with its latest portable offering.

Coined the LaCinema, the device, made unsurprisingly by LaCie, is a hard-disk drive with a difference, as it houses an HDMI output, so can be instantly linked up to a HDTV player.

The hard drive is built with the clumsy in mind, with a scratch-free aluminium chassis, some internal anti-shock absorbers, and a shock-resistant rubber bumper. Presumably, in case you decided to throw it against the wall after watching the hi-def travesty that is Daddy Day Care.

Size matters

The LaCinema comes in three sizes (250GB, 320GB and 500GB) and can house around 700 films.

Other connections include USB 2.0, and composite video connections for the not-yet-HD users. And you also get a remote control, because you really need another to add to your stupidly large remote collection.

Pricing for the LaCinema starts at a very reasonable £129.


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