Avatar 3D to be re-released in cinemas with extra footage

170 eye-bleeding minutes

It's official: Avatar is coming to cinemas this autumn again, with a full eight minutes' extra footage.

Now, don't get us wrong, Avatar was one of the best spectacles TechRadar has witnessed on the big screen but 160-odd minutes was definitely the longest time we have watched a 3D (blue) movie in one sitting.

Adding the extra eight minutes means that the movie will now be 170 minutes long - which will put most people's tolerance to wearing 3D specs to the test.

3D explosion

The reasoning for bringing Avatar back to the big screen is, according to Fox, because: "the number of available digital 3D screens has exploded, and moviegoers who missed experiencing the film in 3D, as well as fans that want to return to Pandora again, will now have that opportunity."

We have a sneaky suspicion that it will also be to keep the movie fresh in people's minds for the 3D Blu-ray version of Avatar that will hit shelves at the tail-end of the year.

Avatar 3D has a UK release date of 27 August. For more details, head over to www.avatarmovie.com.


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