Arcam goes 'affordably' upmarket

Entry-level DiVA system gets upgraded at no extra cost

Arcam, the UK-based audio electronics manufacturer, has replaced its entry-level CD and amplifier DiVA systems with the more upmarket FMJ model.

The new model comes at no extra cost, so retains what Arcam calls it's 'affordable high-end' badge.

Essentially, the two-component system consists of a 24-bit CD player (the FMJ CD17) and an amplifier (the FMJ A18). Both combine to create a system that will "give you music collection a whole heap of life".

So, will the system persuade you to dust off your old CDs? Well, the technology inside is certainly impressive, if a little sinister sounding.

Sound of silence

The CD player comes with Mask of Silence and Stealth Mat EMC damping, which is said to ensure that even the minutest details of recording are reproduced faithfully – meaning you should finally be able to make out what the Kings Of Leon actually sing about in their songs.

The systems are available in both black and silver, come with a five-year guarantee and price-wise, you are looking at £450 for the amp and £500 for the CD player.


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