iMovee video specs UK-bound

Is that a cinema in your glasses or ar you just pleased to see me?

According to our good friends at, the latest range of iMovee video specs are set to be launched in the UK sometime in the summer.

The glasses allow you to watch your favourite films on a 72in virtual screen, perfect for those who don’t have the space for a big-screen TV.

The tech behind the specs is a LCoS Micro display which can show a low-res source projected as if it was hi-res video.

The glasses come equipped with earphones and a rechargeable battery with enough juice in it to last four hours. You also get iPod and AV connections.

Choice of glasses

There are three types of glasses: Cine Plus, Theater (hopefully renamed Theatre when released in the UK) and AIBO.

Not only do all three models look slightly different – Cine Plus comes with a red Knight Rider LED strip, while the other two are slim enough to, if you’re brave enough, wear in public – they also offer separate screen sizes. Theater is the biggest, projecting an 80in screen on to your eyeballs, while Cine Plus is equipped with a virtual 72 incher and AIBO caters for the more diminutive mobile market.

There’s no UK prices yet, but US pricing starts at a respectable $350 (£175)



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