Download of the day: VSDC Free Video Editor

Premium video editing, free? Yes, it's possible!

VSDC Free Video Editor

Imagine a video editor that enabled you to create projects in Full HD, export in MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, XVID, DIVX, FLV and MPG, included useful visual and audio effects and could export to DVD and devices such as iPods, Xboxes and phones. Now imagine the price. Nope! It’s zero!

Why you need it

Many free video editing programs are fairly limited, stuffed with adware or faintly horrible, and the very best apps are aimed at pros with deep pockets. Here’s the alternative.

Now that it’s dumped its adware component, VSDC Free Video Editor offers decent features with no price tag and no downsides unless you want to work in 4K and/or 60fps. But if you do, you’re probably a pro with a software budget to match. 

It’s not the most straightforward app to learn – when we reviewed it we described its “slightly odd way of working” – and the interface is dated, but it’s worth sticking with it, because the app does offer a lot of power for a price tag of zero. The app is under constant revision too, so if you do encounter a bug it’s not likely to exist for very long. It’s definitely one to consider before you think about paid-for products.

Download here: VSDC Free Video Editor