Jobs lifts lid on iPad sales figures

600,000 iBooks downloaded already

Steve Jobs has used the iPhone 4.0 event to prove to the world the iPad launch was a success.

He stated that in less than a week 450,000 iPads have been sold in the US, 300,000 of which were on the first day.

He also pointed to the strength of the iBook platform already, with 600,000 iBooks already downloaded in just over five days, with 250,000 on day one.

App Store frenzy

And the App Store is picking up speed on the iPad too - with over 1 million downloaded on the first day, and 3.5 million already - this means each person is downloading around nine apps each.

Speaking of the App Store more holistically, Jobs confirmed that there are over 185,000 apps in the portal, with over 4 billion downloaded worldwide.

With over 50 million iPhone sold around the more (and 35 million more iPod touches on top of the large number of iPads already flogged) Apple looks likely to continue its success into 2010.


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