WWDC 2014 Liveblog: All the latest from Apple's Keynote

11.36 - Homekit announced!


The internet of things is brought to the iPhone. Only your iPhone can unlock your garage, your front door. Or group things together - tell Siri you're going to bed and your doors will lock, garages will shut and the thermostat will drop.

11.35 - The Camera API is being opened up too. This means you can more easily and seamlessly add things into your phone and have full access without messing up your photos.

11.34 - Third party apps can use TouchID too now. Finally again. iPhones are far more secure apparently now thanks to this new feature - and third party apps are totally segregated from the TouchID info.



11.31 - If you've got Bing Translate you can show changes to the words in real time as you zoom in - and then you can Pin it to your Pinterest board right from in Safari.


11.29 - Extensions are the big thing being chatted about now. So third party stuff is so much more accessible in basic apps.

And widgets for the Notifications Center - if you download an app that can work in this area, the widget comes right in.

You can even bid on eBay stuff from the NC. Not bad when you want to win that guitar / dumbell / picture of Tim Cook.

11.25 - Lots of new stuff for developers with iOS 8 - making it a "giant release". There are lots of new features for the app store.

1. Adding explore tab - find the app you're looking for
2. Top trending searches - what's popular
3. Scrolling results - faster scrolling lists
4. Related searches - find exactly the app you're looking for
5. Editors Choice - find the best apps easily
6. App bundles - users can buy multiple apps at a discounted price with one tap
7. App previews - short videos of apps in details (like Google Play)
8. TestFlight - beta test service - invite users to beta test apps

11.20 - Just heard someone swear blind we're going to see a new 4.7-inch iPhone today. Can't see it happening, chum. But I'll high five you if you're right.

11.18 - There's a new photo app for the Mac as well, shipping next year, with iCloud baked right in. Look at photos on the Mac now, and then edit it in the Cloud, to make even old photos look better. More advanced on the Mac, too.

11.16 - Photos can be edited more comprehensively - the image algorithm is really intelligent when it comes to altering exposure, brightness etc. And when you make the edits the pics show up on all other devices in the stream.

11.14 - Photos and iCloud are being mixed to allow all snaps to being seen on all devices. Obvious.

11.13 - All purchases from the family are mixed into one account. That's gonna be mega handy - as long as you share the same credit card across up to 6 people. And if kids try to buy something, you get messaged on your device asking for permission.

11.12 - That was quick on Health. Thought it would be more. Next up is Family Sharing. Once you've set up a family, you can get a shared photostream, shared reminder list, plus you can find your friends.


11.10 - The new Healthkit works with medical professionals - Mayo Clinic reckons it will 'revolutionise' the medical industry thanks to doctors being able to see when patients are in trouble.


11.09 - Next up is Health. A guy next to me actually just sat up higher and shook himself a bit. Apple wants to stop all the health apps being silo'd. HealthKit does just that - and comes with a corresponding app: Health.