Cheap AMD/Intel Processors: Top 10 Best UK CPU deals of 2015

Athlon, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and much more

It's been only a few weeks since Intel launched its Broadwell-U processor range in Las Vegas. The first parts are not expected to hit the mainstream retail component market till the second quarter of 2015, just a few months before Skylake, the next generation of Intel microprocessors is expected to launch.

In the meantime, checkout our 10 best processor deals for every budget. Note that this article is updated at least once every 30 days.

Best Intel Processor deals

Best AMD Processor deals

What you need to know

  • Details on online retailers' product pages are sometimes erroneous. Better to stick the sources. The ARK comparison of all five Intel CPUs can be found here while AMD's here.
  • Above £300 (Intel) and £200 (AMD), it's essentially choose what you want.
  • I've decided to shy away from server processors as they are another market altogether.
  • This pricelist will be updated every month.
  • All CPUs are boxed with or without HSF, no OEM, no refurbished, no ex-display, no second hand, only from reputable UK vendors, price doesn't always include delivery.
  • Overclocking as well as business features (Vpro for e.g.) have not been taken into account to draw that list.

If you think you have a better deal or that I have missed something, feel free to leave a comment.


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