Casio to 'change concept of photography'

CES 2009: cut and paste moving objects from your compact camera

Filling as many superlatives as it could into one keynote, Casio made some big claims today about changing the face of photography forever with its "world's first compact digital camera that can produce composite images."

Essentially this means that can cut moving subjects out and paste them into other images. Think rotoscoping inside your compact cam!

Rotoscope revolution

Unfortunately, it's not as impressive as it sounds. Before the demo of this new Dynamic Photo technology, president and CEO of Casio, Kazuo Kashio promised that "Casio's entirely new digital cameras revolutionise the opportunities for enjoying digital photography."

What this means is, you can take around two seconds of footage and integrate it into a still image.

For the demo, Casio filmed a woman giving a present and composited it on to an image of a birthday cake.

Casio are calling it a proposal for changing the concept of photography. Watching it in action, however, and it feels more like a gimmick, which will be embraced by overenthusiastic casual snappers.

The new feature can be found on Casio's latest range of compact cameras.


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