8 great Fitbit Blaze bands for your fitness tracker

Brilliant bands for your Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is a solid fitness tracker, but the standard elastomer band that it comes with isn’t especially inspiring.

But you’re not stuck with that strap, as a whole range of bands has been created by both Fitbit and third parties, so there’s sure to be something you’ll like.

These come in at a variety of prices and suit everything from the gym to the office, and to make picking one that little bit easier we’ve created a list of our favorites.

Note: we've ranked these from cheapest to most expensive according to prices at time of writing.

1. MoKo Milanese Loop Strap

Very cheap and very colorful

Colors: Silver, Gold, Coffee, Black, Blue, Colorful | Material: Stainless steel

Real steel
Very cheap
Some odd color choices
Not as high quality as pricier straps

Although Fitbit has made a range of official straps for the Fitbit Blaze, there’s surprisingly no Milanese Loop option, but that’s OK, because MoKo has created a quality unofficial one and the price is far lower than even the cheapest official strap.

MoKo’s strap looks stylish, but not showy, so it’s well suited to most environments. Unless you pick the ‘colorful’ option, which looks a bit like a rainbow threw up on it, but is certainly different.

2. Wearlizer Silicone Classic Band

Comes in almost any color you might want

Colors: Red, Black, Dark Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Light Green, Light Purple, Pink, Plum, Rose Red, White, Yellow, Beige, Blue | Material: Silicone

Loads of color choices
A good fit for the gym
Looks cheap

You probably won’t want this as your main Fitbit Blaze band, as the silicone material looks a bit cheap, but then it is cheap, so it could make for a handy spare, or one to use at the gym, while swapping it out for one of the classier entries on this list when not working out.

The Wearlizer Silicone Classic Band also comes in a huge range of colors, so whether you’re more into an understated dark blue or a flashy hot pink it’s got you covered.

3. SnowCinda Leather Strap

Made with genuine leather

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Red, Taupe | Material: Leather

Made of leather
Not suitable for gym
Not as premium look

Fancy a good looking band so you can wear your Fitbit Blaze to a big meeting at work? This may be the best choice for you if you don't want to spend much money.

This is the cheapest leather band we can find for the Fitbit Blaze. There are some other leather options down below in this list - including one directly from Fitbit - but if your main concern is saving money, this is a great buy.

4. Greatfine Rugged Protective Case

Plenty of protection for your fitness tracker

Colors: Black, Purple, Gray, White, Green, Blue | Material: TBC

Offers lots of protection
Good value
Overkill in most situations

This rugged case from Greatfine is overkill for most situations, but if you’re a fan of extreme sports, or just unusually clumsy, it could be a life (or at least watch) saver.

The chunky frame provides a large lip over the screen, so you can lie your watch flat without the display coming into contact with anything, and the strap is shock resistant, so your Blaze is more likely to come out of a tumble in one piece.

5. Fotowelt Luxury Stainless Steel Wrist Band

A premium band at a budget price

Colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold | Material: Stainless steel

Low price
More color choices than official version
Not quite as high quality as official option
Doesn't match the sporty design of the Blaze

The official Fitbit Blaze metal band costs a lot of money, but this stainless steel option from Fotowelt is only just over a fifth of the price, yet it looks almost as good.

It’s sweat-proof and designed to have a comfortable fit, and it’s a similar style to Fitbit’s official one, but it’s available in several different colors, which the pricey official option isn’t.

Side by side it perhaps doesn’t look quite as classy, but you can save yourself a lot of money by sacrificing just a small amount of style.

6. Wearlizer Crazy Horse Leather Strap

A casual leather option

Colors: Black, Brown | Material: Leather

Real leather
Reasonable price
Not as classy as official leather strap
Only two color choices

The official leather band for the Fitbit Blaze is also quite pricey, and while we wouldn’t exactly call the Wearlizer Crazy Horse strap cheap, it’s substantially less expensive.

But that’s not the only reason to opt for it, as the Wearlizer band is also a distinctly different style to the official one, with white stitching complementing the black or brown leather. It gives the strap an altogether more casual, playful look.

7. Fitbit Blaze Leather Band

A luxurious leather strap

Colors: Black, Mist Gray, Camel | Material: Leather

Stylish design
Three color choices
Not suited for sports

If you’re after something truly premium then you’re best off going to Fitbit itself, as the company has made a stylish – and expensive – leather band in a choice of three colors.

Unlike the Wearlizer leather band above there’s no visible stitching here, leading to a smarter, refined look and while the price tag is steep it’s easy to see why when you see the quality of the strap.

8. Fitbit Blaze Metal Band

One of the best bands around

Colors: Stainless steel | Material: Stainless steel

Premium look
Quality feel
Very expensive
No choice of color

Fancy an official metal band with your Fitbit Blaze? You’ll have to be prepared to part with over half the cost of the Blaze itself, but if you plan to wear your Blaze all day every day, or at classy events, it could be worth it.

You don’t get any choice of colors here, it’s just standard stainless steel, but a satin finish aims to give long-lasting durability, and you can add or remove links for a perfect fit.

Most importantly though this official metal band looks and feels like a high-quality watch strap, and one you’ll want to keep on your wrist.


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