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The best Fitbit Flex bands and accessories

Image Credit: Fitbit

Even though it came out in 2013, the Fitbit Flex is still a popular fitness tracker that many people are wearing to track their daily step count and exercise regime.

If you've owned yours for quite a while, it's likely you're finding the design a little tiresome now so you may want to add a new strap or accessory to change its look.

That's why we've put together this guide with Fitbit Flex bands, straps and accessories that you can look through below.

These are products that we haven't had in our test labs, but based on our experts' opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at. 

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability or unique features to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you. 

Image Credit: HopCentury

Image Credit: HopCentury

1. HopCentury Wrist Strap

More choice than you'll know what to do with

Colors: Various | Material: Silicone

Loads of designs
A bit chunky

Like the Hotodeal wristband, this strap from HopCentury also comes in a wide range of colors and looks, but the strap design is more conventional.

It’s affordable, fits a large range of wrist sizes and adds some color to your Fitbit Flex. It’s more rigid than Fitbit’s official bands and a bit chunky, but if you want a cheap, eye-catching strap, this is it.

Image Credit: The Step Counter

Image Credit: The Step Counter

2. The Step Counter Ankle Band

For when a wrist just isn't good enough

Colors: Black, Pink, Red, Seafoam | Material: Neoprene

Attempts to track cycling
Leaves space for a watch
Probably won't want it as your main band
Bland design

The Fitbit Flex is designed to be worn on your wrist, but there are times when that’s not ideal. If you have a pushchair for example, your arms won’t be moving while walking, which can lead to less accurate tracking. Strapping the Flex to your ankle can solve that, and that’s exactly what this band lets you do.

Having it on your ankle also allows for a more accurate estimate of your movement while cycling, and you can save that wrist space for a normal watch.

Image Credit: Holaca

Image Credit: Holaca

3. Holaca Metal Band

A cheap metal option

Colors: Gold, Silver, Rose gold

Premium design
Not ideal for the gym

Most Fitbit Flex bands are as sporty as the tracker itself, but not this Holaca Metal band. As the name suggests, it’s metal and it has a stylish design.

There are a range of color combinations to choose from, with metal available in different shades, and the buckle ensures your Fitbit Flex will stay firmly on your wrist.

Image Credit: BSI

Image Credit: BSI

4. BSI Metal Necklace

Turns your tracker into jewelry

Colors: Rose Gold, Silver | Material: Metal

Lets you wear your Flex as a necklace
Hides your Flex
Only comes in two shades
Pricey compared to most bands

This BSI metal necklace changes your Fitbit Flex into a real piece of jewelry, almost completely covering the tracker itself with a metal pendant, complete with a metal chain so you can wear it around your neck.

There are small gaps in the pendant, allowing you to see the display on the Flex and keep track of your progress, but they’re discreet, and passers-by are unlikely to even realize you’re wearing a fitness tracker.

Image Credit: Fitbit

Image Credit: Fitbit

5. Fitbit Flex charging cable

Useful if you lose yours

A replacement charger
Directly from Fitbit
Just the cable

This one is pretty simple. If you've lost your charging cable, you'll be able to recharge your Fitbit Flex with this, and it's directly available from Fitbit.

It isn't the cheapest replacement, but it'll also prove useful if you want a cable you can keep in your bag so you'll never be without a back up to recharge your tracker when you're away from home.

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